Do I own the logo BrandCrafter generates?

Yes, upon payment you will own all rights to your logo. The system will lock out the process used to create your logo to ensure no other user gets the same design.

Can I TradeMark my logo?

Yes, once you purchase your logo the logo is yours and will never be generated by our system again. You can apply for TradeMark rights in your local jurisdiction. However we cannot guarantee the logo you generate will pass trademark registration requirements in your area. If this happens please contact us and we'll see what we can do.


How does it work?

BrandCrafter has simplified the branding process to it's bare essentials. The system scans the internet for your competitors brand positioning and analysis them to find trends in branding approaches. It looks for fonts, colors and other styles and then analysis this data to craft a unique approach for your project.

How much is it?

To reserve logos generated by the system a deposit of $5USD is required. If you decide to purchase a logo the cost is $50USD minus the deposit.

Can I get a refund?

You may generate and adjust the logos as many times as you like, but once you reserve or download a logo all sales are final.

How is BrandCrafter different from other Logo Generators online?

Other "Logo Generators" are not really generators and more like a stock icon library. It is up to the user to sort through categories of icons to find a suitable, pre-made design. Our data figures out what designs fit your profile and industry best, then selects and generates new logos accordingly.


What formats do I get the logo in?

The logos we deliver to you are professionally built. Your logo will be delivered in both print and web-ready formats (svg, pdf and png files). Print formats will include a Pantone and CMYK output files.

What do I get?

Your branding package will include:

  • a brand guideline
  • web-ready logo in RGB format in JPG and PNG
  • print-ready logo in CMYK format in an SVG file
  • print-ready logo in Pantone format in an SVG file
  • a brand colour palate in RGB, CMYK and Pantone values
  • font recommendations (you will have to purchase the license from the font foundary)
  • logo touch-up service upon request

Do I have to purchase a logo immediately?

No you can reserve the logos you generated for of 10 days. During this period the system will lock the logos and take steps to prevent the rare chance another user generates a similar logo. Once the 10 day period is over there is a small possibility someone else will generate and purchase your logo.

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